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10 Ways to delay the signs of ageing

Some things like genes, gravity and normal ageing are not in your control but some things are, here are 10 things that we think will help to delay the signs of ageing.


Sun will age your skin prematurely, protect it especially between the months of April and October.


Increase your moisture levels, get a good moisturiser, maturing skin needs moisture and dry skin is the first step to wrinkled skin.


Don't forget your neck/décolletage (from your chin to your chest) extend what you put on your face down to your chest. Also don't forget the backs of your hands and tops of your feet, they need extra care. The skin is thin in these areas and can be a dead give-away for signs of ageing so treat them like your face.


Exfoliation, once a week and use a face cloth to take off your cleanser. This will keep your skin smooth and allows moisturiser to work more effectively.


A recent study in Japan proved that chemicals age the skin. Use a quality product, the purer the better. Your skin needs bonafide nourishment to mature well.


Don't forget the rest of your body it can be drier and more resilient so can do with richer, oilier, higher concentration creams, which are easily absorbed.


Don't put moisture on top of dirty skin, your face is subjected to a lot of environmental pollution, make sure you cleanser first.


Pre mature ageing skin often mirrors the body's inefficiency to eliminate toxins and waste products. Some foods that protect against wrinkles are: wholegrain cereals, olive oil, olives, fatty fish, seafood, nuts and legumes, vegetables especially leafy greens, spinach, celery and drink plenty of water!


Go for products that have natural vegetable oils in them, they are well absorbed and more compatible with human skin. High in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E, these fatty acids temporarily strengthen cell membranes, slow down the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.


There are many plant extracts, which are good anti-oxidants for the skin such as rosehip, horsetail, cocoa, carrot, green tea, frankincense and rose.

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