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October 12, 2007
Posted in: Beauty,Body Care,News,Skin Care,Skin Problems by cindypk @ 3:57 pm

Toys made in China aren’t the only products laced with dangerous heavy metals: lipsticks manufactured in the United States and used daily by millions of American women also contain surprisingly high levels of lead, according to new product tests just released by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. (more…)

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October 9, 2007
Posted in: Beauty,Body Care,News,Skin Care by cindypk @ 11:57 pm

Every year we splash out £6.4 billion on beauty products, but do we ever stop to think about what’s in them or what they could be doing to us? The beauty industry spends £600 million a year marketing its products as pure, simple, organic and natural, but what’s the truth behind the hype? Presenter Sarah Beeny wants to find out.

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October 5, 2007
Posted in: Beauty,Body Care,News,Skin Care,Skin Problems by cindypk @ 11:16 pm

Cosmetic chemicals found in breast tumours - (12:24 12 January 04 New news service)

Preservative chemicals found in samples of breast tumours probably came from underarm deodorants, UK scientists have claimed. Their analysis of 20 breast tumours found high concentrations of para-hydroxybenzoic acids (parabens) in 18 samples. Parabens can mimic the hormone estrogen, which is known to play a role in the development of breast cancers. The preservatives are used in many cosmetics and some foods to increase their shelf-life. (more…)

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Posted in: Beauty,Skin Care by cindypk @ 11:01 pm

Cosmeceuticals ‘ – the latest buzzword in the industry – reflects more than just the current trend in cosmetics. It mirrors growing concerns over how to classify beauty treatments, which promise to ‘reverse’ the effects of ageing. (more…)

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Posted in: Beauty,Body Care,Skin Care,Skin Problems by cindypk @ 2:06 pm

“To be beautiful is to be exactly like everyone else…”
From experiments with human collagen to the current explosion in synthetics, cosmetics firms are becoming increasingly extreme in their quest for lost youth. But are the anti-ageing mantras they promote simply outdated? All hail the new beauty revolution. (more…)

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October 4, 2007
Posted in: Beauty,Body Care,Skin Care by cindypk @ 4:46 pm

Your skin is a mirror. How it ages is a complex process involving a number of factors. Some of these, such as genes, gravity and normal ageing, are not within your control, but many others are.Prematurely ageing skin often mirrors the body’s inefficiency in eliminating toxins and waste products. (more…)

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Posted in: Beauty,Body Care,Skin Care,Skin Problems by cindypk @ 4:38 pm

Acne is a common inflammatory disorder of the sebaceous glands. It generally appears on the face, neck, back, shoulders and chest. The hallmarks of acne are spots and skin eruptions such as blackheads with papules, whiteheads (pustules), raised red blemishes with semi-solid centres and localised bacterial infection beneath the skin’s surface. (more…)

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Posted in: Beauty,Body Care,Skin Care,Skin Problems by cindypk @ 4:17 pm

Eczema is the name given to a broad clinical variety of common, itchy, inflammatory skin diseases. The spectrum of clinical features ranges from redness or oedema, mimicking urticaria or angio-oedema to a profusion of signs with blistering, weeping and crusting, or thickened pigmented areas of skin with scaling. Whatever the cause of the eczematous process, it involves both the dermis and the epidermis layer of the skin. If the eczematous reaction is severe there will be damage and eventual destruction of the epidermal cells. Whatever the degree of inflammation in the epidermis there is disordered keratinization. (more…)

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