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June 30, 2008
Posted in: Beauty by Katie @ 9:53 am

Laboratory testing initiated by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has found that some lipsticks from top brands contain lead.

Lead is a potent neurotoxin and linked to various other health and reproductive problems, which shouldn’t and doesn’t belong in your lipstick.

Following the release of these test results, Senators John Kerry, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer sent a letter to the FDA demanding action to protect our health. only retails pure and natural beauty products free from harsh chemicals.

We offer a range of cosmetics for your lips from brands Living Nature, Miessence and suki color, to view the full range please click here.

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June 26, 2008
Posted in: Beauty by Katie @ 8:01 am

With summer holidays around the corner and many midsummer barbecues in the garden coming up, it is important that you have the right sun protection and fake tan.

Fortunately, here at we have a range of natural and organic sun cream, after sun and fake tan to keep you going all season long.

We retail Green People’s sun tan lotion, after sun and fake tan, as well as Ikove’s organic moisturiser and after sun lotion. knows the importance of sun protection and only retails products that are natural and are free from harsh chemicals.

We also offer Green People’s Children’s sun lotion to keep the kids safe on the beach this summer.

To view our full range of sun protection products please click here.

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June 24, 2008
Posted in: Skin Care,Skin Problems by Katie @ 12:44 pm

Ever wondered what acne is and what causes it? Well we have the answers
for you:

Acne is a common inflammatory disorder of sebaceous glands.  These glands produce oil, which can get trapped as it travels to the skin’s surface, this is where the problem begins as the pores then become clogged.

The areas most often affected are the chest, shoulders, back and the face. It tends to be in these areas because they have larger oil producing glands than other areas of the body.

The hallmarks of Acne are spots and skin eruptions such as blackheads (with
papules), white heads (pustules), raised red blemishes with semi-solid centres and localised bacterial infection beneath the skin’s surface.

So what causes you to have acne?

- Acne can be triggered by a response of the skin to levels of male hormones ‘androgens’ (masculinising hormones present in men and women). These hormones control how much oil or sebum is secreted from the sebaceous glands.
- In women menstrual periods or pregnancy can create acne-producing hormonal imbalances.
- Emotional stress can make the problem worse by triggering the body’s adrenal glands to become overactive which in turn boosts sebum production.
- Certain medications can affect hormonal levels like contraceptives and steroids.
- Bad digestion due to lack of friendly bacteria because of a disturbance to the natural balance of flora in the gut.
- Toxins in the body, caused by a variety of things including constipation, bacterial or yeast over growth (candida in the gut) or food sensitivity.

To help prevent acne you should keep your skin clean and maintain a level of moisture and free from bacteria that might get into a clogged pore. only retails brands that are all natural, please see our
Acne info page for our recommended products. also retails two totally natural make-up brands Living Nature and suki color.

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June 20, 2008
Posted in: Beauty,Skin Care by Katie @ 8:07 am

It is a fact that the FDA does not require companies to get products tested for safety, and doesn’t review or approve cosmetics before you buy them. The company is in fact the decider when it comes to the safety of a beauty product.

Although companies are not forced to test beauty products, they do have to list ingredients on product labels. On many beauty products you’ll find the ingredient ‘squalene’ which is oil used to soften hair and skin.

The ingredient ‘squalene’ can be sourced in two ways, either squeezed out of livers of deep-sea sharks or made naturally from rice or wheat.

You’d think the obvious choice would be to go natural, but that wasn’t the thinking of Unilever, who were taking the ingredient from Sharks.

Thanks to public pressure on the company, Unilever have announced that they are going to switch to the natural source of ‘squalene’ that it adds to Dove and other Unilever brands.

The even more disturbing thing is that Unilever’s choices are in full compliance with federal cosmetic standards, who allow companies to use ingredients synthesized from pretty much anything.

Research has found that companies even use chemicals in their products that can be very harmful to its consumers. doesn’t believe in putting anything other than pure, natural, non-harmful and organic ingredients into cosmetics and beauty products.  Thats why we only retail brands that follow this strict criteria.

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June 19, 2008
Posted in: Beauty,News by Katie @ 7:57 am

You’ve probably seen the adverts, the women lathering up in the shower, with the famous catchphrase ‘A Totally Organic Experience’. We’ve all seen it and been convinced by the all natural shampoo, when in fact Herbal Essences is anything but organic and natural.

The brand has recently dropped the catchphrase, which could be due to people questioning how organic it really is. Herbal essences in fact use fragrances, sodium laureth sulfate and other chemicals that are linked with cancer and other health problems.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics advises you avoid products with fragrance on the product label because companies are not legally required to list chemicals that are in the fragrance mixture. They instead recommend you go for unscented or beauty products that are perfumed with essential oils to ensure you get a completely organic and natural product.

Herbal Essences main consumers are girls and young women so with chemicals such as neurotoxins, allergens and phthalates being unlabeled on many beauty products, they are at risk of experiencing health problems.

At we only retail brands which don’t put harsh chemicals into their beauty products; you can be assured all our products are natural and organic.

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