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June 19, 2008
Posted in: Beauty,News by Katie @ 7:57 am

You’ve probably seen the adverts, the women lathering up in the shower, with the famous catchphrase ‘A Totally Organic Experience’. We’ve all seen it and been convinced by the all natural shampoo, when in fact Herbal Essences is anything but organic and natural.

The brand has recently dropped the catchphrase, which could be due to people questioning how organic it really is. Herbal essences in fact use fragrances, sodium laureth sulfate and other chemicals that are linked with cancer and other health problems.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics advises you avoid products with fragrance on the product label because companies are not legally required to list chemicals that are in the fragrance mixture. They instead recommend you go for unscented or beauty products that are perfumed with essential oils to ensure you get a completely organic and natural product.

Herbal Essences main consumers are girls and young women so with chemicals such as neurotoxins, allergens and phthalates being unlabeled on many beauty products, they are at risk of experiencing health problems.

At we only retail brands which don’t put harsh chemicals into their beauty products; you can be assured all our products are natural and organic.

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