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July 28, 2008
Posted in: Beauty by Katie @ 3:03 pm

Triclosan, is a widespread antibacterial pesticide. But antibacterial soap made with triclosan isn’t any better than using regular soap, according to the FDA. And the American Medical Association recommends not using products containing triclosan because it can cause resistance to antibiotics.

So why is it virtually unregulated, and still so widely used? Well the answer is that The Environmental Protection Agency has failed to evaluate it in the past but is looking into it right now. In the meantime, EWG is keeping the pressure on EPA, calling for manufacturers to stop using it, and recommending that consumers avoid it.

Triclosan can be found in your soap, toothpaste, and even children’s toys.

It’s also a hormone disruptor that ends up in mothers’ breast milk and is toxic to aquatic life.

You won’t see any of these nasty chemicals in the brands we retail at

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