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September 4, 2008
Posted in: Beauty,News by Katie @ 1:54 pm

Pregnant women have been warned to stop using perfumes or scented body creams, after research has shown the products may cause unborn boys to suffer infertility or cancer later in life.

Quite a statement right!

Well the research carried out by Richard Sharpe found that the reproductive system of male foetuses can be harmed as early as at eight weeks, due to chemicals found in many cosmetic brands.

Mr Sharpe said: ‘Women could stop using body creams and perfumes. Although we do not have conclusive evidence that they do harm, there are components about which there are question marks; for example it could be certain combinations of chemicals. If you are thinking about how a baby might be exposed, that’s one way, and it’s something positive you can do. It might have no consequence, but it’s something positive women can do for their baby.’

But campaigners are urging women not to panic over the suggestion of using perfume and scented products until further studies are carried out. only retails personal care products that are completely natural and free from harmful chemicals, so you can use them without worrying!

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