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April 6, 2010
Posted in: Beauty,Body Care,News,Skin Care by cindypk @ 8:33 am

The synthetic musks that give a pleasing scent to perfumes and soaps enhance the effect of toxins on the cells of marine animals, raising the possibility that the same could be true in humans.

California-based researchers tested six types of synthetic musk and found that, when gill tissue from mussels was kept in musk-containing water for two hours, it impaired the functioning of so-called ‘efflux transporter proteins’ – pumps in the cell membrane that normally keep unwanted substances out. This effect lasted for up to 48 hours – a surprisingly long time.

Whether the findings also apply to people is not yet known, and has prompted the same team to begin research with human cells (Environ Health Perspect, 2005; 113: 17-24).

PROOF! says: As with all animal studies, such findings do not always apply to humans. Nevertheless, these results add significantly to the body of evidence on the dangers of synthetic musks. Artificial musks are used in a wide variety of consumer products – from perfumes and cosmetics to detergents and air-fresheners. Musk compounds have been found in human fat tissue, blood and breast milk and, like all fat-loving chemicals, are released into the body during periods of stress and weight loss. Current safety-testing procedures for cosmetic ingredients look for allergic reactions, but not at how these substances affect cell functioning.

Ref.  PROOF! – Vol: 9 Issue: 8 Synthetic musk dangers

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