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June 20, 2008
Posted in: Beauty,Skin Care by Katie @ 8:07 am

It is a fact that the FDA does not require companies to get products tested for safety, and doesn’t review or approve cosmetics before you buy them. The company is in fact the decider when it comes to the safety of a beauty product.

Although companies are not forced to test beauty products, they do have to list ingredients on product labels. On many beauty products you’ll find the ingredient ‘squalene’ which is oil used to soften hair and skin.

The ingredient ‘squalene’ can be sourced in two ways, either squeezed out of livers of deep-sea sharks or made naturally from rice or wheat.

You’d think the obvious choice would be to go natural, but that wasn’t the thinking of Unilever, who were taking the ingredient from Sharks.

Thanks to public pressure on the company, Unilever have announced that they are going to switch to the natural source of ‘squalene’ that it adds to Dove and other Unilever brands.

The even more disturbing thing is that Unilever’s choices are in full compliance with federal cosmetic standards, who allow companies to use ingredients synthesized from pretty much anything.

Research has found that companies even use chemicals in their products that can be very harmful to its consumers. doesn’t believe in putting anything other than pure, natural, non-harmful and organic ingredients into cosmetics and beauty products.  Thats why we only retail brands that follow this strict criteria.

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