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August 13, 2008
Posted in: Beauty,News,Organic Cosmetics by Katie @ 2:16 pm

Suki ColorIt is claimed that women who use make-up daily are absorbing nearly 5lb of chemicals a year into their bodies.

Many use more than 20 different beauty products a day to look their best while 9 out of 10 apply make-up which is past its use by date.

Such use of cosmetics and toiletries means that a concoction of 4lb 6oz of chemicals a year is absorbed through the skin.

Richard Bence, an advocate of organic beauty products, believes that absorbing chemicals through the skin in more dangerous than eating them, he said:

‘We really need to start questioning the products we are putting on our skin and not just assume that the chemicals in them are safe.’

‘If lipstick gets into your mouth it is broken down by the enzymes in saliva and in the stomach. But chemicals get straight into your bloodstream, there is no protection.’

Warnings over using out-of-date make-up have also been issued by the Royal College of Optometrists which believes such items are a “hothouse” for harmful bacteria.

Among the chemicals under scrutiny are parabens which are preservatives that have been linked to cancer.

Also sodium lauryl sulphate, used to help create lather in soaps, shampoo, shaving foam and bubble bath, which can cause skin irritation. knows how important the products you put on your skin are, that’s why we only retail completely natural and organic ranges.

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