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August 4, 2008
Posted in: Natural Cosmetics,Organic Cosmetics,Spiezia Organics by Katie @ 2:44 pm

Spiezia OrganicsSpiezia Organics skincare have carried out a very interesting survey, highlighting a huge gap in consumers’ understanding how to ‘read’ the labels on skincare products.

Spiezia Organics commissioned an independent survey of 100 customers.

Over half of those asked, were unaware that the ingredients on skincare products are always listed in % order of constituents.

49% thought pure, organic and natural statements on packaging meant that these products didn’t contain any chemicals and 11% were not sure.

39% did not know what % of natural ingredients must be used to make a ‘natural’ product and a further 24% guessed at 100%.

Fact: Pure or natural products need only contain 2% natural ingredients – the rest can be anything, chemicals included.

71% believed organic meant that no chemicals had been added to the product and 6% believed it meant the product was handmade.

Fact: In skincare there is no legal definition of organic and there are no EU guidelines to be followed.

Spiezia Organics suggest a couple of tips:

• Look for the Soil Association or Ecocert logo on the label- these ensure the ingredients have been sustainably produced and can be traced right back to the farmer and even the field.
• Read the ingredient list – this is a good measure of how natural or botanically based the product is.

Amanda Barlow, Managing Director of Spiezia, says: ‘At Spiezia Organics we produce skincare products which are, where possible, 100% organic – in fact they are so organic you can eat them.’

Speizia Organics products are available to buy at the, for information please click here

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