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June 24, 2008
Posted in: Skin Care,Skin Problems by Katie @ 12:44 pm

Ever wondered what acne is and what causes it? Well we have the answers
for you:

Acne is a common inflammatory disorder of sebaceous glands.  These glands produce oil, which can get trapped as it travels to the skin’s surface, this is where the problem begins as the pores then become clogged.

The areas most often affected are the chest, shoulders, back and the face. It tends to be in these areas because they have larger oil producing glands than other areas of the body.

The hallmarks of Acne are spots and skin eruptions such as blackheads (with
papules), white heads (pustules), raised red blemishes with semi-solid centres and localised bacterial infection beneath the skin’s surface.

So what causes you to have acne?

- Acne can be triggered by a response of the skin to levels of male hormones ‘androgens’ (masculinising hormones present in men and women). These hormones control how much oil or sebum is secreted from the sebaceous glands.
- In women menstrual periods or pregnancy can create acne-producing hormonal imbalances.
- Emotional stress can make the problem worse by triggering the body’s adrenal glands to become overactive which in turn boosts sebum production.
- Certain medications can affect hormonal levels like contraceptives and steroids.
- Bad digestion due to lack of friendly bacteria because of a disturbance to the natural balance of flora in the gut.
- Toxins in the body, caused by a variety of things including constipation, bacterial or yeast over growth (candida in the gut) or food sensitivity.

To help prevent acne you should keep your skin clean and maintain a level of moisture and free from bacteria that might get into a clogged pore. only retails brands that are all natural, please see our
Acne info page for our recommended products. also retails two totally natural make-up brands Living Nature and suki color.

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