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smallSuki | Suki - Face

Mini Skin Care Kit
For Oily & Combination Skin
100% Natural & Chemical-Free
Oil-Balancing Anti-Inflammatory Program


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SELL BY DATE APRIL 09 - WHILE STOCKS LAST. It doesn't mean that the product is unusable after this date, however we advise that you open the product within a month of this date and use within a month of opening.

  • This kit works as an oil-balancing anti-inflammatory.
  • We donít treat blemishing or oily skin issues by drying out the skin.
  • Rather, our formulas work on inflammation and as antiseptic bacteria fighters.
  • Also we work with your skin to properly moisturise and return balance and harmony to the sebum.


Please see individual product listing for ingredients. Click here to view full range.

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