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THEORGANICSALON.COM Environmental Policy

THEORGANICSALON.COM believes the protection of the environment is important in its conduct of business and make sure that our operations are conducted with proper regard to the environment.  We seek to maintain the quality of our environment and wherever possible improve it now and in the future.  Theorganicsalon.com is committed to making effective and efficient use of resources and encourages staff members to do the same.

Our Aims

  • To reduce energy consumption in all areas of the business.
  • To review our procedure on a regular basis.
  • To develop a sustainable business that puts no unreasonable pressure on the environment.
  • To aim for a programme of continued and sustainable improvement
  • To continually learn new ways and means to care for the environment. Particularly by listening to valuable input of others.



  • Regularly review and publish our environmental policy, every 6 months for the first 1-2 years then once a year.
  • Review environmental management on a regular basis, every 6 months for the first 1-2 years then once a year.
  • Avoid unnecessary use of environmentally damaging substances and processes.
  • To use our local amenities as much as possible for our supplies i.e. cleaning products, purchase of paper, which are in walking distance from our workplace.  With a view to reducing the Company’s noise output and carbon footprint by not travelling a long distance to obtain supplies.

Energy, Water and Waste management

  • To implement energy and water conservation measures.  
  • Reduce the amount of waste generated and disposed of by implementing a waste minimisation/recycling program.
  • Investigate the use of renewable energy sources and aim to implement them by June 2008.

Our supplier/Procurement

Products we use

  • To use 100% biodegradable packaging by November 2007.
  • To reuse packaging supplies that come to us from other companies.
  • Continuously monitor the amount of packaging we use and constantly look at ways to reduce the amount we use.
  • To use wherever possible suppliers whom are also following environmentally conscious guidelines to use where possible companies whom have already attained the ISO14001 accreditation.
  • To develop, maintain and promote a stringent purchasing policy giving preference to those companies (products and services) which cause least harm to the environment.
  • We have used solvent free, organic paint where possible to decorate the work space and will continue to do so in the future as we expand, to reduce the amount of VOC we are responsible for.
  • Approximately 70% of our office equipment is second hand i.e. the filing cabinet, the printer, drawers.  We will continue to reuse equipment first and foremost when it becomes necessary to obtain more equipment.
  • All our cleaning materials are chemical free, CFC free and biodegradable and will continue to be so.
  • All paper that we purchase is recycled.
  • We will only print onto paper when necessary and continually look ways to reduce the amount of paper we use.
  • All paper is reused i.e. we will use both sides of the paper.  Then all paper, magazines and the like are shredded and we reuse as packaging.

Products we sell

  • THEORGANICSALON.COM has strict criteria as part of its business ethos to only retail products, which have been derived from an ethical and safe source and deal with companies who are also committed to the environment.  This will be continuously audit our existing suppliers and those new brands which we intend to take on in the future.
  • We also look closely at the fate of products, what energy and resources have gone into getting that product to us.  70% of what we retail will have come no further than Europe and most of what we sell will be made in the UK.
  • When we send out orders to customers we enclose literature which encourages customer to reuse their packaging.  We also have a link on our homepage to a recycle locator to assist and encourage customers to recycle there empty product containers.  We will continue to look at ways to encourage and incentivise customers to take an active role in extending our care for the environment.


  • THEORGANICSALON.COM aims to be using only 100% biodegradable packaging as of November 2007.  (This doesn’t include packaging, which may come to us from other suppliers that we reuse).
  • To investigate and implement greener energy sources.
  • Theorganicsalon.com is a small company at the moment.  As we grow and expand into different departments it is our goal to continuously ensure each department is committed to this policy.


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