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New to Organic and Natural Products?

Using organic products for the first time or switching from conventional products to chemical-free can be an interesting experience.  We’ve put together some tips on using a purer product and hope that they will help you stick with a purer product forever.

Let the product work for you, if you’ve never used these sort of products before then you might be thinking “I’m used to getting a lot more for my money”.  A purer product may take a little getting used to in terms of how you use the product.  But the benefits are worth it.  Going organic or chemical-free means changing the way you use your products, to ensure that you get the best results and value from your products here are some helpful tips.

  • Purer products are more concentrated and most contain essential oils which can be powerful in the smallest amounts, so remember that a little goes a long way.
  • Using a purer/chemical-free shampoo is a little tricky to master but your hair will thank you for it.  A lot of conventional shampoos contain chemicals, which make the product lather and slide through your hair.  Using a product without these chemicals means some differences.  The consistency, some can be more watery and some a little gel like.   Start by putting a little less into your hand than you would with your normal shampoo.  Transfer some into the other hand then spread through the hair before you start to massage it in.  When you start to massage in and you feel it is not spreading as easily as you are used to, simply splash water, use the water to help it spread, just because its not creating huge amounts of lather doesn’t mean to say its not cleansing your hair. 
  • With more oily products especially the cleansers it’s a good idea to ditch the cotton wool (you will also be helping the environment by not using cotton wool everyday).  Get yourself a few face cloths, we sell great organic cotton ones (see accessories under the body section). Take off your cleansers with a face cloth.  You will find this will give you a little bit of exfoliation and you will get a better result from your product.  Your face cloth should be changed at least every 3 days if not before, as bacteria will start to form.  Your face cloth should be used only on your face and only by you.
  • If you have been using products, which contain chemicals, and you switch to non-chemical organic products it is possible that your skin could come up in pumps or spots. Your skin can literally become addicted to the chemicals and suffocate and when you stop you using them your skin will start to cleanse. Don’t panic, give it time (about a month) wait for your skin to settle and get used to a purer product. If something doesn’t feel right your intuition will lead you in whether to continue use. Always feel free to contact us.

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