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Pai (pi) n - goodness (Maori).

Pai is what skincare should be about - pure, plant-based ingredients carefully selected and hand-blended to give your skin everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t.  Our products are made using the highest grade, certified organic ingredients and we do not carry out any animal testing, nor do we source ingredients from companies that test on animals. At Pai, we’re committed to putting your health first. By keeping our products natural and preservative-free, we’d like to think we’re saving your skin.

A little reminder! Pai products are all preservative-free which means that they won’t last as long as other skincare products you’re used to. Our creams have a 'shelf-life' of approximately 3-4 months and are hand-mixed in small batches to ensure your product is as fresh as possible. Make sure you check the best before date featured on both the outer box and the base of the bottle or jar.

To maintain freshness, we recommend storing our products in a cool, dark place – the fridge would be ideal. This does not apply to our lip balm however, which, on account of its high beeswax (and zero water) content will last for up to a year and can be stored anywhere.

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